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7. – 9. 6. 2018 Science Fair

Science Fair

The fourth year of Science Fair will take place on 7. – 9. 6. 2018 at PVA EXPO PRAGUE.

Come to see us at the Science Fair in Letnany in June. During the fair you will be able to see low-temperature plasma and you can learn about the possibilities of using it in medicine. you can see fluorescence microscopy showing cell cultures and tissue sections. We will show you genes, microbeads, comets, cells with nanoparticles.

You will learn about the risks of developing and sharing the genetic component in colon and rectal cancer and other gastrointestinal cancers. On the human brain model, we will show mechanisms of perception and interpretation of sound stimuli, changes in hearing damage or aging. You will learn about the possibilities of measuring air pollutants and their impacts on human health. You will see and feel the color and smell of urban air.

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