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The preventive measures to prevent the spread of Covid19 (Updated 28.9.2020)
Updated 28. 9. 2020
Dear Colleagues,

In order to ensure safety for all IEM CAS employees and to ensure the uncomplicated operation of our institute the Director of IEM CAS publishes this instruction:

with effect from 29 September 2020, the entry of all persons who are not employees of the IEM CAS (visitors, suppliers, etc.) into the interior of the institute is restricted.

Every employee of IEM CAS, including external collaborators/visitors, is obliged to:

  • wear a properly fitted the face mask/respirator (see picture below) in all indoor areas of IEM CAS, in the canteens, including Café. An exception is offices that are not shared by more than one person.
  • perform proper hand disinfection when entering the building.
  • in case of symptoms of the viral disease (fever, runny nose, cough, headache, joint pain, general weakness and lethargy, or other manifestations of the viral disease), stay at home and inform the Head of your department, with whom you will agree on the next steps.
  • if a person in your area (with whom you have been in direct contact) has developed COVID-19, stay at home for the incubation period (14 days), inform the Head of your department and agree on the next step. Also, inform all your co-workers with whom you were in contact at the same time (less than 3 days after the disease was diagnosed by the person around you). These colleagues then inform their Head of the Department and stay at home for the incubation period at the home office (14 days).


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