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Invitation to the online seminar IEM CAS - The role of GABA-B receptors in the pathogenesis of tinnitus

Published 31. 05. 2021

We would like to invite you to Thursday's online seminar of the IEM CAS, which will be devoted to the topic The role of GABA-B receptors in the pathogenesis of tinnitus.

Mgr. (MSc.) Adolf Melichar / Department of Auditory Neuroscience

Tinnitus is one of the main audiological conditions affecting the quality of life of an aging society. Neural changes underlying tinnitus include diminished inhibitory signaling in the first central auditory structure, the dorsal cochlear nucleus (DCN). GABA-B receptors are G protein-coupled receptors for γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a major inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. These receptors regulate excitability of excitatory and inhibitory neurons and are essential for the stability of neuronal microcircuits. In this presentation, we demonstrate the altered distribution and function of GABA-B receptor in DCN of two different animal models of chronic tinnitus. Our results suggest that GABA-B is involved in the maladaptive processes induced by sensorineural hearing loss and may help identify possible therapeutic targets for the treatment of tinnitus.


We look forward to your participation!

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