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The preventive measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Updated 02. 07. 2021

In connection with the Extraordinary Measure issued by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and in order to ensure a safe working environment, the Director of the IEM issues the following instructions:

This obligation applies in all internal spaces of the IEM. You must:

  • have a covered mouth and nose with a respirator or other protective device without an exhalation valve, with a filtration efficiency of at least 94% (ie class FFP2 / KN 95 / FFP3),
  • use hand disinfection when entering the building

Until the review of the measures, the public is not allowed to enter the building in the event that:

  • they experience symptoms of viral disease (ie fever, runny nose, cough, headache, joint pain, general weakness and lethargy, etc.) or these symptoms have occurred in another member of their common household for 14 days from the initial symptoms,
  • have been in direct contact with a person (currently) tested positive for COVID-19, for a period of 14 days from the last contact with this person or for the period of quarantine ordered by the Regional Hygiene Station,
  • they were tested positive for COVID-19 for the period of isolation ordered by the Regional Hygiene Station or until the end of treatment, but for at least 14 days.


The employees IEM CAS and the visitors who have recently returned abroad are required to undergo a PCR/antigen test (in accordance with the current preventive measures of the Ministry of Health). They are required to show a negative test result to their supervisor before entering the IEM CAS (visitors are required to show the result of the test to the employee IEM CAS with whom they have an appointment).

The above measures are mainly based on the Extraordinary Measures of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and government regulations (more information at In the event that these regulations (measures) are tightened/relaxed, I would like to point out that the current issued government regulations (measures) apply.

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