Institute of Experimental Medicine CAS

We investigated the performance of a mix of two emerging biofuels, butanol and hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), in an Iveco Tector diesel engine. HVO, a possible drop-in fuel for diesel engines features excellent combustion and emissions characteristics. All biofuels exhibited, relative to diesel fuel, a decrease in the concentration of particulate PAHs and n-alkanes in emissions, while the concentrations of hopanes and steranes originated from lubricating oil were comparable across all fuels. Cold starts yielded about 15% higher concentrations of both particulate matter and particulate organic compounds in emissions than hot starts.

Collaboration: Czech Technical University in Prague

Contact person: Ing. Jan Topinka, CSc. DSc.; tel.: 241 062 763;

Vojtíšek-Lom, M., Beránek, V., Mikuška, P., Křůmal, K., Coufalík, P., Sikorová, J., Topinka, J.: (2017) Blends of butanol and hydrotreated vegetable oils as drop-in replacement for diesel engines: Effects on combustion and emissions. Fuel, 197: 407-421. IF 4,601



Sampling instrumentation Digitel for particulate engine emissions