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Non-thermal plasma (NTP) has nonspecific antibacterial effects, and can be applied as an effective tool for the treatment of infected wounds and other skin pathologies. In this study we analysed the effect of NTP on the healing of the full-thickness acute skin wound model in rats. NTP treatment had improved the healing efficacy of acute skin wounds without noticeable side effects and concomitant activation of pro-inflammatory signalling. The obtained results highlight the favourability of plasma applications for wound therapy in clinics.

Collaboration: Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Contact person: PharmDr. Šárka Kubinová, Ph.D.; tel.: 241 062 635;

Kubinova S, Zaviskova K, Uherkova L, Zablotskii V, Churpita O, Lunov O, Dejneka A. Non-thermal air plasma promotes the healing of acute skin wounds in rats. Sci Rep. 2017; 7:45183.


Healing of acute skin wound in rat after the treatment with low-temperature plasma. (A) Experimental scheme. (B) Wound contraction in time intervals 1-14 days. Plasma treatment resulted in significant improvement of wound healing 7 days after the injury.