Ústav experimentální medicíny AV ČR, v. v. i.

PhD. pozice, Oddělení funkčního uspořádání biomembrán

PhD position

available in a young and creative group focused on

Formation, Dynamics and Function
of Membrane Microdomains


  • Enthusiasm in science 
  • Master’s degree in Cell biology, Molecular biology, Microbiology or equivalent 
  • Practical experience in biochemistry and molecular biology techniques 
  • Ability to think independently and work in a team 
  • Yeast cultivation, genetic manipulations or microscopy skills are advantageous

We offer:

  • Stimulating scientific environment 
  • State-of-the-art microscopic facility and well-equipped modern laboratories 
  • Active participation in international collaborations 
  • Individually tailored research topic based on expertise and interest

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Jan Malínský (jan.malinsky@iem.cas.cz)
Department of Functional Organization of Biomembranes, Institute of Experimental Medicine, CAS

Ústavní podatelna:
budova La 2. patro, č. dveří 2.18
Po–Pá   9:00–13:00

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Vídeňská 1083
142 20 Praha 4-Krč
Česká republika
+420 241 062 230