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An interesting article describing the research of the Department of Molecular Biology of Cancer of the IEM CAS was published in the journal A / Science and Research (published by the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic).

Published 21. 08. 2020

Malignant neoplasms are the second most common cause of death in the Czech Republic. Among them the second most common type of tumor is colorectal cancer. 

"Statistically, approximately 1/20 of men and 1/25 of women develop colorectal cancer at least once in their lifetime. The majority (90%) of cases is related to people aged 50+."
There are several significant risk factors that affect the incidence of colorectal cancer. We can influence some of them (especially diet and lifestyle) however not all of them (genetic predisposition). " People whose closest relatives (parent, sibling, child) are diagnosed with the disease have 3 times higher chance to get colorectal cancer."
The scientific team led by MUDr. Pavel Vodička, CSc. (Head of Molecular Biology of Cancer, The Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Czech Academy of Sciences) investigate the molecular characteristics of cancer. Within these studies they focus on the molecular epidemiological level to identify biomarkers of increased predisposition to tumour diseases, enable early diagnostics, assess individual responses to anti-tumour treatment and determine long-term prognosis.
Read an interesting article and other facts about the prevention, development and research in the field of colorectal cancer, which was published in a new issue of the journal of the Czech Academy of Sciences A / Science and Research (Page 40-45). The article is available only in Czech language.

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