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Don't miss the Researchers' Night at the IEM CAS

Published 17. 09. 2021

Make free TIME next Friday evening (24 September) and visit us at the Open Evening of the IEM CAS

Our scientists have prepared a lot of interesting lectures for you. In addition, we will take you to places where you can't usually go - to our laboratories.

Time passes inexorably, and so does our biological age. How does our body change with time? Why is early prevention of colorectal cancer important? When is life about seconds? And how does our epigenetic clock work? All this and much more can be found at the Researchers' Night at the Institute of Experimental Medicine CAS. Detailed programmes can be found on the Night of Scientists website.

We start at 18:00 (with lectures from 19:00) . Come on TIME!

We are looking forward to seeing you!  


Attention! The lectures will only be available in Czech. Due to the current epidemiological measures and the limited capacity of the lecture room, it is necessary to register for the lectures in advance. To confirm your attendance, please fill in the following registration form. Thank you. 

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