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16. 12. 2019 IEM Conference

the IEM conference will present the HAIE and NeuroRecon projects

We would like to invite you to the IEM Conference, which will be held on December 16, 2019 in the Turquoise Lounge of the Institute of Experimental Medicine CAS. 
Projects HAIE and NeuroRecon, in which the Institute of Experimental Medicine participates, will be presented at the conference.

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9.00 – HAIE Research Project

  • The Healthy Aging in Industrial Environment project Jan Topinka, PhD., DSc.
  • Epigenetic profile in newborns from different localities of the Czech Republic – a pilot study for the HAIE project Kateřina Hoňková, MSc.

10.00 – Coffee Break


10.30 – NeuroRecon Research Center

  • Axon regeneration in the repair of CNS damage Prof. James Fawcett, MD., PhD.
  • Neuroplasticity in regeneration and memory Dr. Jessica Kwok, PhD.
  • Gene therapy in axon regeneration and new imaging techniques Kristýna Kárová, PhD.
  • Why we remember after synapse withdrawal? Jiří Růžička, PhD.
  • Effect of perineuronal net inhibitor on memory retention in mice Jana Vallová, MSc.

 12.30 – End of Conference


HAIE Research Project

The aim of the Healthy Aging in Industrial Environment project is to assess the influence of selected environmental risk factors and lifestyle upon the health and aging of population in an industrial region.

NeuroRecon Research Center
The project Center of Reconstruction Neuroscience encompasses the creation and development of excellent research team headed by prominent foreign scientists, Prof. James Fawcett (University of Cambridge), which will deal with R & D in the field of therapeutic methods nervous system.


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