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Current anti-epidemic measures at IEM CAS

Published 23. 01. 2022

Due to the unfavourable development of the epidemiological situation, public access to the building of IEM CAS is restricted until further notice, with the exception of pre-announced and approved visits. 

In addition, all public events with public participation are cancelled until further notice. Only work meetings, internal seminars, workshops and training sessions intended exclusively for IEM CAS employees are permitted, subject to the following conditions: 

Large presentation events may be held with up to 50 participants. If more than 20 people are present at the event, all participants must show proof of one of the following conditions:

  • a  laboratory-confirmed covid-19 disease within 180 days prior to the date of the event,
  • the administration of a covid-19 vaccination, with at least 14 days having elapsed since the last dose of vaccine (second for two-dose vaccines, first for single-dose vaccines). 

For persons who have incomplete vaccination or have a contraindication to vaccination, an RT-PCR test is accepted, not older than 72 hours. 

No more than 20 persons may attend without compliance with the above conditions. 

During these events, it is always obligatory to wear a respirator without an exhalation valve, of at least FFP2 class (KN95 / N95). 

The same also applies to announced and approved visitors to the CAS IEM, who must show compliance with the above conditions, to the contact person (with whom they have an appointment) upon entering the building. 

During the entire visit, the obligation to protect the respiratory tract with properly fitted protective equipment without an exhalation valve, of at least class FFP2 (KN95 / N95) remains. 


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