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Our PhD students and postdocs presented their projects at the European significant neuroscience conference FENS FORUM 2022 in Paris

Published 21. 07. 2022

More than 7,500 neuroscientists from all over the world, over 400 speakers, 4,800 posters, 56 scientific symposia, 22 plenary lectures, 4 mini-conferences and 3 expert workshops - that's exactly what this year's FENS FORUM 2022, Europe's largest international conference on neuroscience in Paris, included.
Scientists from the IEM CAS were, of course, there! Our institute was represented by:
Dept. of Neurochemistry  
  • Ing. Štěpán Kortus, Ph.D. - Data processing tool for studying surface mobility of NMDARs
  • Mgr. Jakub Netolický - Pathogenic mutation GluN1-N650K in combination with GluN2A subunit changes kinetic parameters and conductance of NMDA receptors
  • Mgr. Marharyta Kolcheva - Pathogenic mutation N650K in the GluN1 subunit regulates transport and functional properties of NMDA receptors
Dept. of Neuroregeneration
  • RNDr. Jiří Růžička, Ph.D. - The role of C4S brain extracellular matrix sulfation epitope in aging
  • Mgr. Barbora Smejkalová - AAV-mediated gene therapy for sensory regeneration after spinal cord injury
  • Mgr. Kateřina Štěpánková - Oral administration of 4-methylumbelliferone combined with rehabilitation promotes anatomical plasticity and functional recovery in the chronic stage of spinal cord injury
Dept. of Auditory Neuroscience  
  • Mgr. Jana Svobodová Burianová, Ph.D. - Age-related changes in the structure of neurons in the auditory cortex of rats
  • Mgr. Kateryna Pysanenko, Ph.D. - Differences in auditory temporal processing in the left and right auditory cortices of the rat
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