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Invitation to the online seminar IEM CAS - Lamins, key for embryonic development

Published 02. 02. 2022

We would like to invite you to Thursday's online seminar of the IEM CAS, which will be devoted to the topic „Lamins – Key for embryonic development“.
3rd February 2022 / 14:00 / MS Teams
Jasper Chrysolite Paul, MSc. / Department of Cell Nucleus Plasticity

The nuclear lamina is a dense fibrillar network inside the nucleus of eukaryote cells. It is essential components of the nuclear envelope. It is composed of intermediate filaments and membrane associated proteins. Besides providing mechanical support, the nuclear lamina regulates important cellular events such as DNA replication and cell division. Additionally, it participates in chromatin organization and it anchors the nuclear pore complexes embedded in the nuclear envelope.

Lamins have been studied for decades due to their involvement in human diseases. However, conflicting results regarding the different cellular functions of nuclear lamins can be found in the literature and their role in early mammalian development has been contradictory. The long half-life of the maternal lamin proteins and the presence of the maternal mRNA, make it difficult to examine the functional aspects of lamins in development. In the seminar, I will talk about the approach we took hold of to elucidate the role of lamins in the early embryos.  




We look forward to your participation!

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