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Seznam Zprávy - an interview with Helena Fulkova, PhD on the topic "Genetic Modification"

Published 22. 02. 2022

"Technically, genetic modification of humans is easy, but in animals, it depends on how well the reproductive technologies are developed", says geneticist Helena Fulková for Seznam Zprávy.
Last month, American doctors were the first in the world to transplant a heart from a genetically modified pig into a human. The fact that scientists have apparently succeeded in genetically modifying an animal's genome so that the human body will accept its organ has reignited a years-long debate about genetic modifications and their place in today's world.
"First came the era when the genomes of different species began to be sequenced in large numbers, and databanks began to exist from which information could be easily retrieved. The second thing that made a major contribution was the discovery of CRISPR-Cas9 (genetic scissors)", says Helena Fulková.
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