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This year we also participated in the largest scientific open-air festival, ScienceFest 2022

Published 24. 06. 2022

Always with a smile, because popularizing science is something we love and enjoy!  We had another successful event, this time the ScienceFest 2022 (VědaFest). We had a great time with you, thank you!

Together, we isolated DNA from 1 kg of strawberries, used over 100 packets of sweets while making perineural nets, and we gave away over 1000 promotional items and popularization magazines of the CAS.

We hope we have inspired and motivated at least some of you to try science and research in this fun way,...because science is not boring; it´s creative and fun! We look forward to convincing you of this next time, for example, during the Researchers’ Night (Noc vědců) or the Week of the Czech Academy of Sciences (Týden Akademie věd ČR). 


Full photo gallery you can find on our  Facebook.





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