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IEM CAS scientists presented their latest research projects at the ICEM 2022 in Ottawa
The 13th International Conference on Environmental Mutagens (ICEM), a prestigious scientific conference organized every four years by the International Association of Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Societies (IAEMGS), took place in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, from 27 August to 1 September 2022.
This meeting aims to promote critical scientific knowledge and research into the causes and consequences of damage to the genome and epigenome to inform and support national and international efforts to ensure a healthy, sustainable environment for future generations.
The IAEMGS is a global organisation composed of 13 international Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Societies. Their mission is to foster scientific research and education on the causes and mechanistic bases of DNA damage and repair, mutagenesis, heritable effects, epigenetic alterations in genome function, and their relevance to disease, and to promote the application and communication of this knowledge to genetic toxicology testing, risk assessment, and regulatory policy-making to protect human health and the environment.
IEM CAS was represented by scientists from the Dept. of Genetic Toxicology and Epigenetics (OGTE) and the Dept. of Nanotoxicology and Molecular Epidemiology (ONME), namely:
  • Mgr. Andrea Rössnerová, Ph.D. - Effects of the various types of environments and their changes on the cytogenetic endpoints affected by epigenetic settings
  • Ing. et Mgr. Táňa Závodná, Ph.D. - Evaluation of genotoxicity of organic extracts of particulate emissions from conventional gasoline and alternative fuels
  • Mgr. Kateřina Hoňková, Ph.D. - Genome-wide DNA methylation on newborns from the air-polluted locality
  • RNDr. Pavel Rössner, Ph.D. - Genome-wide DNA methylation profiles in policemen working in cities with various types of air pollution
  • RNDr. Antonín Ambrož, Ph.D. - Oxidative stress and antioxidant response in Czech city policemen exposed to various levels of environmental pollutants
  • RNDr. Michal Šíma, Ph.D. - Does running contribute to cancer prevention?


Thank you for the excellent presentation of our institute, and we wish you much success in your future research.


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