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The prestigious JNCI Cancer Spectrum journal (IF 13.51) has published a new article co-authored by the head of the Department of the Molecular Biology of Cancer Pavel Vodička, M.D., CSc.

Published 21. 07. 2021

A new study investigated hereditary predisposition to lung, pancreatic and colorectal cancer in patients suffering from acute or chronic periodontitis. In the published study data from large sample sets from several international consortia were used.

Results revealed that chronic/aggressive periodontitis is significantly associated with an increasing risk of colorectal cancer (P=0,03, P=0,04 among females), colon cancer (P=0,02) and proximal colon cancer (P=0.01).

Further research should aim to find out whether increased periodontitis prevention and increased cancer surveillance of patients with periodontitis is improving the incidence of colon cancer in this group of patients.

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