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Scientists from the IEM CAS presented the latest research results at the Neuroscience 2022 conference in San Diego, USA

Published 24. 11. 2022

Over 23,000 neuroscientists gathered last week in San Diego, USA , for the outstanding scientific conference organised by the Society for Neuroscience  (Neuroscience 2022), to explore the latest discoveries in neuroscience..
Of course, our scientists could not be missing here either. In the poster session, PhD students, postdocs and scientists from the Department of Neuroregeneration and the Department of Auditory Neuroscience presented their research projects, namely:
  • doc. RNDr. Pavla Jendelová, Ph.D. - The role of brain chondroitin 4 sulfates (C4S) in aging
  • MUDr. Lucia Machová Urdziková, Ph.D. - AAV-mediated gene therapy for sensory regeneration after spinal cord injury
  • Mgr. Kristýna Kárová, Ph.D . - PI3Kδ gene therapy in spinal cord injury leads to axon regrowth and function restoration
  • Mgr. Kateřina Štěpánková - Orally administrated 4-methylumbelliferone promotes anatomical plasticity and functional recovery in the chronic stage of spinal cord injury
  • Mgr. Jana Svobodová Burianová, Ph.D. - Age-related changes in the neuronal morphology in the inferior colliculus, medial geniculate body and auditory cortex of rats
  • MUDr. Oliver Profant, Ph.D. - Effects of tinnitus and presbycusis on functional involvement of the left and right auditory cortex
  • doc. Ing. Daniel Šuta, Ph.D. - Neuronal responses to tonal stimuli and ultrasonic vocalizations in the inferior colliculus of CBA mice
  • Mgr. Kateryna Pysanenko, Ph.D. - Sensorineural hearing loss in mice with deleted GABAB receptor-associated KCTD12 proteins
We would like to thank our scientists for a great and very successful presentation of our research projects, during which they created many important contacts with a number of foreign experts from prestigious scientific institutions.

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