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New unified visual style IEM CAS

Published 26. 04. 2021

We would like to introduce you to the new visual style of IEM CASThe aim of the new unified visual style is to strengthen the "image" of the institute, to improve the presentation towards the professional and lay public, to facilitate identification within the Academic Environment and to strengthen the public's interest in the research activities of our Institute.

The modern, abstract motif symbolizes various directions of research, based on the dark blue colour that dominates our current logo. Speaking of the logo, even that has undergone a minor change. We used two colours; contour (white) and fill (blue), with the fill colour reflecting the colour scheme of the new visual and also passing into the text part of the logo (ie the name of the institute). We have respected the established brand of the institution; the updated logo should display a clean and simple design.

In the initial phase, you will encounter the new visual mainly within the IEM Social media. In time, you can look forward to the new website we are currently working on. Gradually, the motif will be applied to other areas and there will be a change in the so-called corporate identity, which will include updating official materials IEM CAS.


We believe that you will like our new visual style. :)





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