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Selected projects of the IEM CAS received the highest rate from the Czech Science Foundation (GAČR)

Published 22. 07. 2022

The Presidium of the Czech Science Foundation (GAČR), together with the GAČR Supervisory Board and Scientific Advisory Board, rated the selected projects of the IEM CAS as "excellent". This is the highest rate for projects that meet the high demands placed on scientific and research activities, contribute to the expansion of the current state of knowledge and significantly affect the development of the relevant field, not only in the Czech scientific environment but also in the international context.  

These projects are:  

MicroRNAs in CNS injury: Potential roles and therapeutic implications
Principal investigator: Mgr. Nataliya Romanyuk, Ph.D. / Department of Neuroregeneration 

Mechanisms of toxicity of gasoline engine emissions in 3D tissue cultures and a model bronchial epithelial cell line
Principal Investigator: RNDr. Pavel Rössner, Ph.D. / Department of Nanotoxicology and Molecular Epidemiology 

We will soon inform you in detail about these projects. 


Congratulations to both principal investigators and their research teams.



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