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Invitation to the Institutional Seminar Series IEM CAS

Published 30. 3. 2021

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to the seminars of the IEM CAS, during which we will present to you our current research projects and the results of our research. The seminars will always take place on the first Thursday of the month (except in July and August) from 2 p.m. Due to the epidemiological situation, they will be exclusively online via the MS Teams application. The lecturers will be our PhD students and postdoctoral students, seminars will be held in English. You will find the invitation in the attachment.



Mgr. Viktorie Psutková / Department of Developmental Biology IEM CAS


Transcription factors Meis control the expression of Hox genes that determine the anteroposterior axis of the developing embryo. Hox genes affect the migration of neural crest cells, a key multipotent migratory population in vertebrates. Neural crest cells participate in the formation of various developing organs and structures, e.g. cranial cartilage and bone, heart valves, pigment cells, or cranial and peripheral nerve and glial cells. We present the model organism Danio rerio, in which we generated knock-out lines for several Meis genes by targeted mutagenesis. Our data unravel a novel role of Meis transcription factors during the development of the craniofacial cartilage and the heart that are derived from the neural crest.


You are all cordially invited.

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