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This year's PhD recruitment is over

Published 26. 03. 2021

This year's PhD recruitment is over and now the important and difficult decision of selecting successful candidates begins.

We received a very large number of applications, and in the last 3 days of recruitment, over 30 new applications arrived. A total of 113 applicants from 32 countries applied. Incredible! We really did not expect such interest and we are very pleased.

We appreciate your interest in studying and working at our institute and we can promise you that we are already preparing other interesting topics for next year. It is difficult to predict how the current crisis will be reflected in the financing of science, but hopefully not in any fundamental way. Our aim will be to offer you even more available PhD positions next year, but we will see what the situation will be.

It is very difficult for us to select successful candidates, as you are all very talented and motivated students with huge potential for a scientific career. When choosing, we decide based on who best meets the requirements of the research position and has the greatest chance of succeeding in the admission procedure for doctoral studies at contracted faculties.

If we do not select you this year, please do not be discouraged. Keep an eye on our study and work opportunities and try again next time. We look forward to hearing from you.

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