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We decided to lead by example and we reduce emissions

Published 15. 01. 2021

We are fulfilling one of our New Year's resolutions to actively protect the environment.
Two of our eleven departments study the impact of the environment on human health. Therefore, we decided to lead by example and have purchased a new hybrid car Škoda Octavia Combi iV as part of the modernization of our vehicle fleet.
In general, cars that run on electricity have lower or zero emissions. In addition, hybrid models have lower fuel consumption.
We chose a plug-in hybrid model which means that after charging the battery, you can drive the car only on electricity. A fully charged battery allows us to drive more than 50 km with zero emissions - which corresponds to the distance of most of our business trips. In the case of longer distances, in addition to the electric motor, it uses a classic petrol engine with the function of recharging the batteries while driving. The combined fuel consumption of the car with the maximum use of electricity is 1.0 - 1.1 l / 100 km. With this consumption, the amount of emissions (CO2) is 21.8 - 23.8 g / km.
Our goal is to protect the environment and motivate the public to take a responsible approach to the environment.
You can find more information about our environmental mission at (available only in Czech)


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