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We have received the "Ethnic Friendly employer" award

Published 04. 06. 2021

On June 2, 2021, an award ceremony for "Ethnic Friendly employers" was held, and our award was accepted by HR manager IEM CAS Mgr. Jan Rupp, MBA from Ing. Michal Štefl, vice-president of the Czech Chamber of Commerce.

The Ethnic Friendly Employer concept was created by IQRS z.s. to support the introduction of a culture of equal access for ethnic minorities in the Czech Republic and is primarily focused on institutions ensuring the performance of public administration and self-government.

The awarded employers have work teams composed of employees of various national or ethnic minorities.

Gaining the award was preceded by an objective survey at the IEM CAS. The aim of which was to determine the state of organizational culture in the HR philosophy and politics and propose possible changes in agreement with the management.

The Institute of Experimental Medicine CAS has joined more than 40 companies and institutions which, in relation to employees and the public, work systematically and beyond the scope of applicable legislation to comply with the principles of equal access and non-discrimination. "Obtaining the award is confirmation for us that the personnel policy we have implemented exceeds the current standard set by law and looks promising for getting the international HR Award in the future.", said Jan Rupp upon acceptance of the award. 


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