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We joined the recent challenge Bike to Work - Czech Republic

Published 01. 06. 2021

It was a great ride! This year, we joined the recent challenge Do práce na kole - AutoMat (Bike to Work) and supported this fun event. Thank you to all our employees for their active participation, you were brilliant! 
A total of 27 employees in 6 competition teams:
  • NeuroSnails - Department of Neuroregeneration 
  • GlioRunners  - Department of Cellular Neurophysiology
  • Receptor mobility - Department of Neurochemistry
  • THS in one bike (teams 1-3) - Technical-economic administration of IEM
Our competitors completed a total distance of 8553 km during May, with regularity of 82%. Amazing!
Let's take a look at this year's champions!
The absolute winner was a team of scientists from the Department of Neuroregeneration, who won both the performance competition with a total of 2679 km and the regularity competition with 97.3%.
That active movement would surely have a fundamental effect on neurodegeneration? 
One thing is clear, any sport and physical movement have a positive effect on our health. During sport, there is higher oxygenation of the CNS, ie oxygenation of the brain due to better blood circulation, which favourably affects its structure and increases the availability of neurotransmitters.
But let's look at the results of individuals. This year's champion was a young neurochemist Jakub Netolický (Receptor mobility team - 921 km), followed closely by Michaela Petrovičová (NeuroSnails team - 907 km) and a beautiful third place belongs to Markéta Hemerová (GlioRunners team - 820 km).
Congratulations to all the winners! 
Photo by: Michal Kroupa

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