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The popularisation of science includes all activities leading to the dissemination of general awareness of science and research, including for example, its methodologies and achievements. Popularisation aims to provide information to the general public, raise interest in the scientific and natural sciences, and attract. potential young scientists and funding in science.

The IEM CAS participates annually in the most significant national popularisation events, including:  




Week of the Brain is a festival of the latest discoveries and trends in brain research and neuroscience, which is part of Brain Awareness Week (BAW) - a global campaign to raise public awareness of the achievements and benefits of brain research. The tradition of the Week of the Brain in the Czech Republic was initiated and founded by Czech neuroscientist Prof. MUDr. Josef Syka, DrSc. (IEM CAS) in 1998.




Science Fair is the largest popular educational event in the Czech Republic, organised annually since 2015 by the Czech Academy of Sciences. It deals with science in all its forms and offers its visitors the most interesting outlooks from the worlds of natural, technical, humanities and social disciplines. It presents science and research as a fascinating and fundamental branch of human activity. Visitors to the fair will experience science first-hand through interactive exhibits, models, mobile laboratories and hands-on workshops.

Veletrh vědy

 Fotogalerie  - Veletrh vědy 2022



Science Fest is the largest outdoor science event. It began in 2011, and is a joint project of universities, academic departments and leisure institutions. It offers visitors science in all its forms in a fun and playful way at the outdoor exhibition on Vítězné náměstí (Kulaťák) and in Technical Street in Prague 6. The event is organised by the House of Children and Youth of the capital city of Prague, the Czech Technical University in Prague and the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague with the support of the Prague 6 Municipal District and the Czech Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, z.s. 

The event is open to all interested persons without age restrictions, free of charge and without prior registration.


Photo gallery - VědaFest 2022VědaFest 2021



Researchers’ Night is an event that, for one evening, brings to life hundreds of science buildings that no ordinary mortal can enter. Visitors pass through laboratories and lecture halls, experience exploding experiments, and learn in-depth about current topics. Everyone with a passion for science – children, adults, and seniors – is welcome. Meet our scientists, and they will teach you to love science. 

In the Czech Republic, the Night of Scientists has been held since 2005 and is represented by Czech universities, scientific institutes, observatories and other institutions. Currently, the event is coordinated nationally by the University of Ostrava and VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava. In 2020, the aforementioned universities managed to obtain the prestigious European Marie Curie-Skłodowska project, which puts the Czech Night of Scientists on the European map.


Photo gallery -  Noc vědců 2021




The Week of the Czech Academy of Sciences is a science festival that follows on seamlessly from the earlier the Week of the Science and Technology of the Czech Academy of Sciences. It includes lectures, exhibitions, events at workplaces, documentaries, workshops and many other activities across the country and all scientific disciplines. The festival is intended both for high school students, for whom we prepare mainly lectures and excursions in the morning, and for the general public, for whom a programme is targeted for in the afternoon and evening. 

The Week of the Czech Academy of Sciences is coordinated by the Centre of Administration and Operations CAS. All Academic institutions participate in the festival’s organisation.


Photo gallery -  Týden AV ČR 2021  



The Open Science project focuses on increasing interest in science and research. It offers professional, scientific internships for talented students at CAS departments and workshops for teachers in botany, chemistry and physics, which they can apply in their teaching. The project also includes lectures, excursions, exhibitions and other events for the professional and general public. 

The internship runs for 12 months (from January to December). The timing of the internship is determined by the tutor, in agreement with the intern, to suit both parties. At a minimum, the internship should be 8 hours per month. The exact timetable depends on the contract with the tutor/lecturer. Internships take place at the scientific departments of the institutions of the Czech Academy of Sciences.


Previous internships  - Otevřená věda 2021/2022