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The 4th BIOSPOT conference

The Institute of Experimental Medicine CAS presented one of the most interesting applied research with translational potential

The 4th BIOSPOT conference took place in the National Technical Library in Prague this March. Almost a hundred participants, including potential investors, have reviewed more than ten presentations of the research teams working primarily in the fields of medicine, biomedicine and biochemistry.

The Institute of Experimental Medicine CAS. presented one of the most interesting applied research with translational potential. Doctor Yuriy Petrenko Ph.D. introduced the "Solution for the preservation, transport and application of stem cells" technology, which the Institute got patented in the Czech Republic in 2016, and the international patent procedure continues.

The presented solution is unique due to the simple composition and the addition of trehalose from pharmaceutically approved raw materials. The cells stored in the solution can be directly applied to the patient without the need for further manipulation. In addition, trehalose increases the therapeutic effect of stem cells. Solution assures the preservation of viability of stem cells during minimally 72 hrs and fills the market niche, since the currently available means of preserving and transporting stem cells either do not meet the pharmaceutical-grade criteria for human application, or do not guarantee sufficient survival of the stored cells.

There is also considerable potential for the application of the solution in research, where the process of introducing the product into practice is much easier.

Here you can download a presentation by Dr. Yuriy Petrenko Ph.D.

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