Institute of Experimental Medicine CAS

Research topics:

Our research is focused on stem cells and biomaterials for tissue reconstruction or regeneration and evaluation their performance using biological models. In collaboration with the Institute of Physics AS CR, research of the effects of low-temperature atmospheric plasmas on biological systems as well as the development of novel devices for medical applications are performed.

Research projects:

  1. Study of therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stem cells from different sources (bone marrow, adipose tissue, umbilical cord) and their secretomes in vitro and in the models in vivo.
  2. Development of technology of stem cell cultivation and cryopreservation for clinical use.
  3. Development of hydrogels based on extracellular matrix and evaluation of their therapeutic potential in the regeneration of damaged nerve tissue.
  4. Development and study of low-temperature atmospheric pressure plasmas for biomedical applications. Preclinical and clinical testing of low-temperature plasmas in wound healing.
  5. Controlling stem cell fate and targeting stem cell delivery with high-gradient magnetic fields.

Deputy Head:

Irena Vacková, MSc, PhD.
Phone: +420 241 062 635

Research Scientists:

Assoc. Prof. Jitka Čejková, MD, DSc.
Čestmír Čejka, PhD.
Milada Chudíčková, PhD.
Šárka Kubinová, PharmD, PhD.
Yuri Petrenko, MSc, PhD.
Irena Vacková, MSc, PhD.

PhD. Students:

Jana Dubišová, MSc
Klára Hahnová, MSc
Noelia Martinez Varea, MSc
Karel Výborný, MSc
Kristýna Závišková, MSc


Linda Fedorowiczová
Jana Herlová
Lucie Svobodová, PhD.
Lenka Uherková, MSc, PhD.

Important results in 2017

1. Non-thermal air plasma promotes the healing of acute skin wounds in rats

Non-thermal plasma (NTP) has nonspecific antibacterial effects, and can be applied as an effective tool for the treatment of infected wounds and other skin pathologies. In this study we analysed the effect of NTP on the healing of the full-thickness acute skin wound model in rats. NTP treatment had improved the healing efficacy of acute skin wounds without noticeable side effects and concomitant activation of pro-inflammatory signalling. The obtained results highlight the favourability of plasma applications for wound therapy in clinics.

Publication: Kubinova S, Zaviskova K, Uherkova L, Zablotskii V, Churpita O, Lunov O, Dejneka A. Non-thermal air plasma promotes the healing of acute skin wounds in rats. Sci Rep. 2017; 7:45183.



Healing of acute skin wound in rat after the treatment with low-temperature plasma.
(A) Experimental scheme. (B) Wound contraction in time intervals 1-14 days. Plasma treatment resulted in significant improvement of wound healing 7 days after the injury. 

2. Molecular hydrogen effectively heals the alkali-burned cornea via suppression of oxidative stress, decreases the inflammation in the anterior eye segment and prevents corneal neovascularization

The alkali-burn of the anterior eye segment evokes oxidative stress. The antioxidant mechanisms are exhausted leading to the antioxidant/prooxidant imbalance which is immediately followed by the protease/antiprotease imbalance. This situation results in the excessive inflammation. When the molecular hydrogen is dropped on the anterior eye surface early after the injury, it suppresses oxidative stress and thus decreases the inflammation and promotes the healing process.

Publication:  Čejka, Č., Kössl, J., Heřmánková, B., Holáň, V., Čejková, J.: (2017) Molecular Hydrogen Effectively Heals Alkali-Injured Cornea via Suppression of Oxidative Stress. Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity. 8906027.


The healing of the rabbit eye after alkali burn after the treatment with buffer or buffer with H2. The cornea healed with H2 is transparent with no sign of neovascularization (day 20). The treatment with H2 significantly decreased expression of vascular endothelial growth factor, which is characteristic for neovascularization.


Important result in 2016

Injectable extracellular matrix hydrogels as scaffolds for spinal cord injury repair.

An important strategy in spinal cord injury (SCI) repair is bridging the lesion with a supportive and stimulatory biomaterial that would support axonal rewiring. In this study, we prepared extracellular matrix (ECM) hydrogels by decellularization of porcine spinal cord or porcine urinary bladder and evaluated their neuroregenerative properties in vivo in the acute model of SCI. The results showed that both ECM hydrogels bridged the lesion cavity, modulated the innate immune response, and provided the benefit of a stimulatory substrate for in vivo neural tissue regeneration. ECM hydrogels thus represent a promising materials for the neural tissue engineering.

Publication: Tukmachev D, Forostyak S, Koci Z, Zaviskova K, Vackova I, Vyborny K, Sandvig I, Sandvig A, Medberry CJ, Badylak SF, Sykova E, Kubinova S. Injectable extracellular matrix hydrogels as scaffolds for spinal cord injury repair. Tissue Eng A. 2016; 22(3-4):306-17. IF 3.892


Scheme of preparation of hydrogels by decelularization of tissues and their application to spinal cord model.


Important result in 2015

An effective strategy of magnetic stem cell delivery for spinal cord injury therapy

In this study, we designed a magnetic system and used it to accumulate stem cells labelled with superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPION) at a specific site of a spinal cord injury lesion. Histological analysis of cell distribution on the spinal cord surface showed a good correlation with the calculated distribution of magnetic forces exerted onto the transplanted cells. The results suggest that focused targeting and fast delivery of stem cells can be achieved using the proposed non-invasive magnetic system.


Non-invasive magnetic system for the fast and targeted cell delivery into the lesion area.

Publication:  Tukmachev D, Lunov O, Zablotskii V, Dejneka A, Babic M, Sykova E, Kubinova S. An effective strategy of magnetic stem cell delivery for spinal cord injury therapy. Nanoscale. 2015;7(9):3954-8. IF 7.39

GAČR: 17-03765S. Paracrine effect of mesenchymal stem cell-secretome and its modification for the treatment of spinal cord injury. 2017-2019.

MŠMT, Centre of Reconstructive Neuroscience, NEURORECON, CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/15_003/0000419, 2016-2022.

MŠMT: NPU I, LO1309 Cell Therapy and Tissue Repair. Duration: 2014-2019.

MPO TRIO: FV10081 Low temperature plasma for human medicine. Duration: 2016-2020.

MŠMT EATRIS LM2015064 16-19. Czech National Node of European Infrastructure in Translational Medicine. Duration: 2016-2019,


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Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine

Biomedical Center of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen


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Číslo patentu/Number: 306800

Užitné vzory / Utility patterns


Čejková, J., Čejka, Č., Kubinová, Š., Vacková, I.: (2018) Přípravek k léčení zánětlivých a degenerativních onemocnění oka a oční kapky adjustované ve vialkách (EN: A preparation for the treatment of inflammatory and degenerative eye diseases and eye drops adjusted in vials) Vlastník: Ústav experimentální medicíny AV ČR, v.v.i.
Číslo vzoru/Number: 31773


Groh, T.,  Petrenko, Y., Kosnarová, E., Bauer, P.: (2017) Prostředek pro uchování lidských nebo zvířecích buněk při velmi nízkých teplotách (EN: A preparation for preserving human or animal cells at very low temperatures). Vlastník/Owner: Bioinova, s.r.o., Ústav experimentální medicíny AV ČR, v. v. i.
Číslo vzoru/Number: 31206

Syková, E., Čejková, J., Čejka, Č.,  Forostyak, S.: (2017) Prostředek obsahující kmenové buňky k léčení zánětlivých onemocnění, posttraumatických reakcí a degenerativních onemocnění. (EN: A preparation containing stem cells for treatment of inflammatory diseases, post-traumatic reactions and degenerative diseases.) Vlastník/Owner: Ústav experimentální medicíny AV ČR, v.v. i.
Číslo vzoru/Number: 30239

Petrenko, Y., Syková, E., Čejková, J., Vacková, I., Groh, T.: (2017) Prostředek pro uchování, transport a aplikaci kmenových buněk. (A means for storage, transportation and application of stem cells.) Vlastník/Owner: Ústav experimentální medicíny AV ČR, v. v. i.
Číslo vzoru/Number: 30270

Churpita, O., Dejneka, A., Kubinová, Š. : (2017) Zdroj nízkoteplotního plazmatu, zejména pro generaci plazmatu při využití v medicínských bioaplikacích (EN: A low-temperature plasma source, especially for plasma generation when used in medical bio-applications) Vlastník/Owner: Fyzikální ústav AV ČR, v.v.i., Ústav experimentální medicíny AV ČR, v.v.i.
Číslo vzoru/Number: 310034

Ověřená technologie / Verified technology:

Vacková, I., Turnovcová, K.: (2016) Proces izolace mezenchymálních stromálních buněk z kryoprezervované lidské pupečníkové tkáně. (The process of isolation of mesenchymal stromal cells from cryopreserved human umbilical cord tissue.)

Vacková, I., Turnovcová, K., Růžičková, K, Holáň, V.: (2016) Optimální koncentrace mezenchymálních stromálních buněk při kryokonzervaci. (The optimal concentration of mesenchymal stromal cells during cryopreservation.)                                                        

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