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Research Center for Cell Therapy and Tissue Repair

Research Centre for Cell Therapy and Tissue Repair (RCCT), which was built and put into operation by the Institute of Experimental Medicine AS CR (IEM) within the Operational Programme Prague Competitiveness (OPPK) as part of the infrastructure for basic biomedical research. VCBT is financially supported by the National Programme sustainability Ministry of Education (NPU I - LO1309,) in the period 2014-2019.

VCBT builds on the successful implementation of the "Centre for Cell Therapy and Tissue Repair" (Research Centre - Ministry of Education, 1M0538, CEP12-MSM-1M-U/01:1), solved in 2000-2004 and 2005-2011, which coordinated the research and development in the field of cell therapy, cell sources and biocompatible materials and allowed the interconnection of scientific capacity and research groups in the field of cell therapy and tissue repair in the Czech Republic.

RCCT is primarily focused on basic research in the field of advanced therapies using stem cells, biomaterials and nanomaterials as tools for targeted experimental treatment of diseases incurable by conventional means, including studies on the safety of these methods.

The main objectives  of the Centre project are based on a project implemented under the OPPK program and expand it as follows:

  1. To obtain a deeper knowledge of new safe and effective treatments that offer therapies for incurable diseases or significantly shorten and/or reduce the price of current treatment.
  2. The stabilization of conditions for generating high-quality scientific outputs of R&D&I, maintaining and increasing the number of jobs, and the effective utilization, expansion, and ongoing modernization of the existing research infrastructure.
  3. To strengthen the interdisciplinarity of biomedical research by connecting the research fields of cell therapy, tissue repair, nanomaterials, functionalized nanofibers, and innovative biophysical methods.
  4. The integration of the Centre into national and international structures and grant projects so as to provide additional sources for funding the further development of the Centre and strengthening its international contacts.
  5. Establishing and intensifying collaboration between the Centre and application sector partners such as hospitals, clinical departments, businesses, and private investors.
  6. The involvement of undergraduate and postgraduate medical and natural sciences students into research projects in collaboration with universities and the improvement of researcher training and workforce development.

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