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Invitation to the online seminar IEM CAS - Role of telomeres in solid cancers

Published 04. 05. 2021

We would like to invite you to Thursday's online seminar of the IEM CAS, which will be devoted to the topic „Role of telomeres in solid cancers“.

Mgr. Kristýna Tomášová / Department of the Molecular Biology of Cancer

Telomeric regions are the protective chromosome end caps formed by hexanucleotide tandem repeats and associated shelterin protein subunits, that play a critical role in maintaining genomic integrity. Genomic instability, driven by dysfunctional telomeres is a known mechanism in tumorigenesis. The system of telomere regulation is also vital in tumors to counter-balance the critical telomere shortening and thus ensure the limitless replicative potential of cancer cells and their virtual immortalization.


We look forward to your participation!

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