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Researchers from IEM CAS in cooperation with technological companies OSPIN GmbH and InoCure s.r.o. are developing new screening methods for toxicity of nanoparticles assessment using a bioreactor

Published 21. 4. 2021

A team of scientists from the Department of Tissue Engineering IEM CAS, in collaboration with Czech and German colleagues from OSPIN GmbH and InoCure s.r.o., are developing a new „in vitro“ screening methodology based on a combination of cells, scaffolds and a bioreactor. The new methodology will enable an evaluation of cell physiology after exposure to toxic nanoparticles.
As part of the MSCA RISE ActiTOX project, the researchers focused mainly on the absorption of nanoparticles in the skin, lung and intestinal cells. The established methods of the IEM CAS allow effective testing of scaffold material cytocompatibility, optimization of culture conditions and evaluation of cytotoxic effects of specific substances (eg silver, titanium or zinc nanoparticles).
Thanks to the cooperation with the OSPIN GmbH company, IEM´s scientists will gain valuable new experience in the domain of digitization of biological processes used in tissue engineering, cell therapy and pharmacy, which they will use in future research experiments under dynamic Cell culture conditions using the OSPIN bioreactor platform.

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