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We accept the challenge "Bike to Work". Join us in our efforts to change our traffic habits for one month

Published 30. 04. 2021

More movement, the joy of life, less emissions

This is exactly the motto of the nationwide challenge "Bike to Work",  which takes place from 1 to 31 May and tries to motivate the public to use alternative modes of transport and to be more active. Every year in May, several thousand managers, scientists, doctors, bankers and others across the country commute to work by bike or on foot. This year, scientists and employees from the IEM CAS will also take part in this challenge.

In connection with the Ecological Mission of the IEM CAS and the effort to support the health of our employees, we decided to support this event and pay this year's entry fee to all interested parties and athletes among our employees.

Our goal is:

  • promoting environmentally friendly transport for the benefit of the city and its inhabitants,
  • strengthening interpersonal relationships in the workplace,
  • improving the physical condition and health of our employees.

Join us in our efforts to change your traffic habits for one month! You will stay fit, strengthen immunity and reduce the impact on the environment.

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