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The main topics studied in the Department are isolation, labelling and the use of stem cells for the treatment of brain injury, spinal cord and neurodegenerative diseases. Various types of cells (mesenchymal stem cells, neural precursor cell lines derived from fetal spinal cord, or from induced pluripotent cells) are studied, together with anti-inflammatory substances for their potential to promote the regeneration of nervous tissue. Macroporous polymeric hydrogels are used as suitable carriers for cell growth in in vitro cultures as well as for in vivo implantations facilitating the regeneration of the injured tissue. The aim of the cell therapy is to repair, replace or improve biological functions of the damaged neural tissue. For in vivo imaging of grafted cells and drug delivery we utilize magnetic nanoparticles, which are characterized in terms of cytotoxicity and genotoxicity and their influence on grafted cells and host tissue.


Deputy Head:

Lucia Urdzíková-Machová, MD, PhD.
Tel.: +420 241 062 619

Research Scientists:

Slaven Erceg, PhD.
Assoc. Prof. Aleš Hejčl, MD, PhD.
Assoc. Prof. Pavla Jendelová, PhD.
Kristýna Kárová, PhD.
Petr Krůpa, MD, PhD.
Dana Mareková, PhD.
Yuriy Petrenko, PhD.
Olena Rohulska, PhD.
Nataliya Romanyuk, PhD.
Karolína Turnovcová, MD, PhD.
Lucia Urdzíková-Machová, MD, PhD.

PhD. Students:

Ivan Arzhanov, MSc
Kateřina Havelíková, MSc
Jarmila Havelková, MSc
Lydia Knight, MSc
Barbora Smejkalová, MSc
Kristýna Šintáková, MSc
Vojtěch Šprincl, MSc
Kateřina Štěpánková, MSc
Eliška Vavřinová

Pre-Grad Students:

Zuzana Polčanová
Tereza Špundová


Michal Douděra
Karel Třešňák
Hana Vargošková

Important result in 2021

Involvement of mTOR Pathways in Recovery from Spinal Cord Injury by Modulation of Autophagy and Immune Response

We assessed the mechanisms of two mTOR pathway inhibitors, rapamycin and pp242, which influenced the spinal cord injury (SCI) in rats. We showed that treatment with rapamycin or pp242 caused inhibition of mTOR pathway, increased autophagy and modulate neuroinflammation in the spinal cord tissue after SCI. Our results suggest that treatment with pp242 was not more effective than rapamycin. We propose that benefits of mTOR inhibition in SCI treatment are mainly mediated through mTORC1.


Suppression of mTOR pathway by rapamycin or pp242 enhances autophagy in spinal cord injury

Immunohistochemical analysis of LC3b in spinal cord sections from rats treated with vehicle control (A), RAPA (B), or pp242 (C) revealed a significant increase in LC3b expression in both RAPA- and pp242-treated groups (D). Scale bars: 500 µm; D.1, E.1, and F.1 images are 1:4 magnifications of corresponding areas of the spinal cord. Arrows point to examples of DAB-stained cells. Data are shown as means ± SEM; * p <0.05, ** p <0.01, *** p <0.001.




Important result in 2020

Ventral lesion - new experimental model of spinal cord

There is currently no suitable experimental model of ventral spinal cord injury, which is relatively common in humans. Ventral spinal cord compression was induced by epidural insertion of a 2F Fogarty catheter balloon at the level of the thoracic spinal cord. The balloon was quickly inflated with 10 or 15 μl of saline and left in place for 5 minutes. The size of the lesion correlates well with the volume of the catheter balloon. Compression of 15 μL led to severe motor and sensory damage, loss of motoneurons, and increased astrogliosis.


Micro computed tomography (CT) images of ventral epidural catheter placement

In order to evaluate the position of the catheter (red arrows) in front of the spinal cord, micro CT with bone window (A,C) and soft tissue window (B) were applied. Furthermore, detailed images of the deflated balloon (D), as well as inflated to 10 µL (E) and 15 µL (F) volume balloon were obtained. Black arrows show the wire of the catheter, whereas white arrows point to the imaged saline solution indicating the amount of inflated Fogarty´s balloon. Scale bar: 2 mm.



Important result in 2019

The effect of hMSCs on cell death pathways in the spinal cord of ALS rats

An increasing number of studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC) in the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). We compared the effect of repeated intrathecal applications of hMSCor their conditioned medium (CondM) using lumbar puncture or injection into the muscle ( quadriceps femoris), or a combination of both applications in symptomatic SOD1G93A rats. We further assessed the effect of the treatment on 3 major cell death pathways (necroptosis, apoptosis and autophagy) in the spinal cord tissue.

All symptomatic SOD1 rats treated with hMSC had a significantly increased lifespan, improved motor activity and reduced number of TUNEL positive cells. Moreover, a combined hMSC delivery increased motor neuron survival, maintained neuromuscular junctions in quadriceps femoris and substantially reduced the levels of proteins involved in necroptosis (Rip1, MLKL,cl-casp8), apoptosis (cl-casp 9) and autophagy (beclin 1). Furthermore, astrogliosis and elevated levels of Connexin 43 were decreased after combined hMSC treatment. The repeated application of CondM, or intramuscular injections alone, improved motor activity however, this improvement was not supported by changes at the molecular level. Our results provide new evidence that a combination of repeated intrathecal and intramuscular hMSC applications protects motor neurons and neuromuscular junctions, not only through a reduction of apoptosis and autophagy but also through the necroptosis pathway, which is significantly involved in cell death in rodent SOD1G93A model of ALS.

Repeated application of stem cells (hMSC) into spinal cord and muscles increased lifespan of the ALS rats, reduced expression of apoptotic protein cleaved caspase 9, necroptotic protein MLKL and beclin involved in autophagy (C). As a result we observed rescued motoneurons (D) and neuromuscular junctions (E) in cell treated ALS rats.


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Center of Reconstruction Neuroscience – NEURORECON CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/15_003/0000419 Coordinator Pavla Jendelova 2017–2022

GA ČR 21-04420S Protective coatings against dissolution/disintegration of upconverting lanthanide-based nanoparticles in biological media
Co.Principal Investigator Lucia Machová Urdzíková MD, PhD, 2021-2023

GA ČR 22-12483S Polymer-based drug delivery vectors targeting stemness and metabolism of glioblastoma cells
Principal Investigator Assoc Prof Pavla Jendelová, PhD, 2022-2024

GA ČR 22-31457S Metabolic reprogramming of mesenchymal stromal cells for regenerative medicine applications
Principal Investigator Yuriy Petrenko, PhD, 2022-2024

AZV NU21-08-00286 Monitoring of serum biomarkers in patients with acute spinal cord injury
Principal Investigator Nataliya Romanyuk, PhD, 2021-2024

AZV NU22-08-00124 Blood flow modelling in intracranial vessels in relationship to endothelium changes and development of intracranial aneurysms
Co.Principal Investigator Lucia Machová Urdzíková MD, PhD, 2022-2025

AZV NU23-08-00307 Galectin-positive glioblastoma exosomes: new biomarkers and targets for glyconanotherapeutics
Co.Principal Investigator Assoc Prof Pavla Jendelová, PhD, 2023-2026
GAUK 320421 Axon regeneration induced by blocking inhibitors produced by glial cells combined with expression of activated integrin
Principal Investigator Kateřina Štěpánková, MSc, 2021-2023
GAUK 390722 The effect of 3D microenvironment on paracrine activity of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells

Principal Investigator Eliška Vavřinová, 2022-2024

GAUK 409222 The role of sEVs derived from stem cell culture medium in the regeneration of spinal cord injury in vitro
Principal Investigator Kristýna Šintáková, MSc, 2022-2024

GAUK 102122 Regeneration of sensory axons after spinal cord injury
Principal Investigator Barbora Smejkalová, MSc, 2022-2024

Swiss International Foundation for Research in Paraplegia: Hyperactive PI3 kinase and activated integrin for corticospinal regeneration
Principal Investigator Kristýna Kárová, PhD, 2022-2024

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