Institute of Experimental Medicine CAS

Barbora Hyklová

Phone number: 2718


Office: La, 3.08a

Microscopes: Zeiss LSM 880 Airyscan, Zeiss Axio Observer Z.1, Olympus FV1200 MPE, Olympus FV10i, Olympus SpinSR10, LaVision UltraMicroscope II

Methods: Transmission light microscopy, wide field fluorescent microscopy, confocal microscopy, multiphoton microscopy, Airy Scan, Light sheet microscopy.


Štěpán Kortus

Phone number: 2725


Office: Lb, 2.08

Microscopes: Femtonics FEMTO3D Atlas, Olympus SpinSR10

Methods: High speed fluorescent microscopy with multiphoton excitation, FRAP, linear unmixing, advanced image processing, consultations.


Jan Malínský

Phone number: 2597


Office: La, 3.05a

Microscopes:  Zeiss LSM 880 Airyscan, Zeiss AxioObserver Z.1, Olympus FV1200 MPE, Olympus FV10i

Methods:   Confocal microscopy, advanced techniques, consultations.