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Entry-level super-resolution microscopy (14. -15. 6. 2023)


Location: Microscopy Service Centre, Institute of Experimental medicine CAS, Vídeňská 1083

Price: 1000 CZK

Contact person: Barbora Hyklová





The course will cover theoretical and practical aspects of an "entry-level" super-resolution imaging methods based on the principle of Optical-Photon-Reassignment available in our facility at confocal microscopes Zeiss LSM880 with AiryScan  and Olympus SpinSR10 with OSR.

  Airy Scan


What is meant by the “entry-level super-resolution microscopy”?

The Entry-Level Super-Resolution microscopy stands for group of methods, which provide resolution improvement by factor of ~2 over the diffraction limited imaging and are very easy to use.

While these methods cannot offer the resolution improvement of factor 5x-10x like STED or STROM/PALM, they are fast, easy to operate and require no special sample preparation or extra skills. They are also very suitable for live cell-imaging.

  sr2_mensi sr1_mensi


Main advantages of entry level super-resolution microscopy:

  • No special sample preparation - same samples as for conventional confocal microscopy, without need of special staining.
  • One-click super-resolution – Settings and operating is very simple and user-friendly.
  • Gentle and fast imaging – Methods works with relatively low illumination intensities and short acquisition times for data collection, so they are well suited for live cell imaging.


  • Only factor of 2
  • Smaller FOV


Day 1:
Introduction SR microscopy, explanation of AiryScan and SD-OPR (Spinning Disc Optical Photon Reassignment) principles, facility tour, demonstration of Zeiss LSM 880 AiryScan and Olympus SpinSR10.

Day 2:
Practical hands-on imaging in two parallel groups.

We are open to your own experiments and your samples are welcomed.