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Olympus FV10i

 Olympus FV10i

Small inverted semi-automatical confocal microscope for fixed samples.




  • Routine confocal mikroscopy (z-stack, time-scan)
  • Semi-automatic scanning


Location: La building, 3.1

Contact: Barbora Hyklová, 2718



Official Olympus Manual  (pdf)




4 diode lasers:

Laser 405nm (22mW)

Laser 473nm (15mW)

Laser 559nm (18mW)

Laser 635nm (12mW)


UPLSAPO 10x phase contrast objective, NA 0.4, dry

UPLSAPO 60× phase contrast oil-immersion objective, NA 1.35

Zoom magnification can be changed continually from 10x to 600x.

Filter sets

Grating-based emission wavelength selection. Spectral detection system allows to select any wavelength width of the emission spectra in accordance with the used fluorescent dye (no physical filter sets used).


2x channel confocal PMT detector, 1x Phase contrast channel

Single motorized pinhole, diameter ø50-800μm with automatic setting

Scanning module

2 galvanometer scanning mirrors

Pixel size: 256 × 256 - 1024 × 1024

Scanning speed: 1.1 s / frame (for pixel size 512 × 512, High Speed scanning mode)


Motorized XYZ stage

Dedicated specimen holder for glass slides, well slides and glass bottom dish with 35mm diameter



Olympus FluoView control software.

Map image, one shot, time-lapse (XYT), Z-stack (XYZ), Z-stack time-lapse (XYZT), multi area time-lapse (Multi Area XYT), multi area Z-stack time-lapse (Multi Area XYZT)

Additional equipment